Synopsis of the artist Avi Neto

Avi Neto is a self-taught artist. Very early is his life, the artist had already demonstrated great interest in drawing and painting. At 12-year-old, Avi was admitted into a program for young artist at the Faculty of fine arts. At 18-year-old, the artist wins a first place in artistic competition called “Young Talents Competition” sponsored by the Long House Arts Gallery. From then, Avi participates in numerous exhibitions in Goiânia, his hometown. In 1985, Avi Neto graduates in architecture and urbanism from the Catholic University of Goiás, PUC-Go today.

In 1986 the artist moved to Toronto, Canada, where he showed his work in several exhibitions and participates in numerous artistic events in that country. In 2000, concludes his post-graduation in telecommunications and computer networks at Ryerson University, in Toronto. In 2010, the artist is invited by the Brazilian Consulate to join Brazilian Fest and expose his works in the Harbourfront Gallery where he gets great reviews by the local media. In 2012, Avi Neto wins first place in a painting competition entitled “The One I Loved The Most” sponsored by Propeller Arts Gallery.

Invited by Arcadis SA, a Dutch company, Avi came work on the project of the new airport of Guarulhos. Avi Neto moved to São Paulo, where lived for two years. In 2014, he returned to Goiás, settling in Goiania where he works as an artist and architect. Presently, his works are shown in the Rose Restaurant and Feelings in Goiânia and the Cerrado Emporium in Pirenópolis.

Having studied classical drawing and painting in his youth, Avi has tried unceasingly improving his technique. The influences received from American artists contributed to a radical change in the design and presentation of his artwork. Since Allan Bender, a Canadian artist, persuaded him to switch from oil to acrylic paint, Avi has developed an acute and detailed technique on the themes used in his work. Avi’s work has proven to be a provocative and surprisingly delight for the viewers. His latest work clearly demonstrate the maturity and tremendous improvement in his technique. Avi believes that only the artists, who engage in a constant research and investigation, can achieve the highest levels of creation and beauty in their work. Based on that, the artist has been constantly pursuing perfection and beauty on his canvas. “Acrylic has its secrets. You can only discover them though study and investigation.” He likes to say it. The positive impact of his work came out through the numerous comments of admirers and in the written communication media recently on the opening of his art show at Rose Restaurant.

Exhibitions curriculum


Concurso “Jovens Talentos”
Galeria Casa Grande


Exposição “Nova Era”
Galeria J. Camargo


Exposição “Espaço Novo”
Galeria Época


Exposição coletiva “Tradições”
Teatro Goiânia


Exposição “Off the canon path”
Blinc Studios, Toronto


Prêmio: “The one I love the most”
Propeller Galery, Toronto


“Expression of Brazil” – (Brasil Fest)
Hobourfront Gallery, Toronto
Patrocinado pela embaixada do Brasil no Canadá.

2016 – 2017

“Realismo fantástico”
Restaurante Empório do Cerrado, Pirenópolis

2017 – 2018

“O surrealismo”
Restaurante Empório do Cerrado, Pirenópolis

2017 – 2018

Exposição “Expressões”
Restaurante Rosas e Sentimento

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